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Only Orthodontics LUXURY NEW Opening Times Sign

Posted by James Slater  on 13th March 2019

Here we have a customer that wanted to come out of the dark ages with their old wooden sign that had served them well in the years and mix things up with this stainless steel look tray sign, with interchangeable acrylic pieces for changes to the practitioners.

The sign is modern, creative, creates depth, is clear and is classy. The offset locators separating the practitioners is our favourite thing on the sign which were laser cut taking away the need to be flame polished.

We managed to keep within the brand standards and the evidence pays off how effective and clear the end product was, It was even better to receive the follow up email with the customer describing how pleased they were with it and all the feedback that had been received over it, even though they’d only had it up for a matter of hours.

Just goes to show you may already have a sign/signs, but just renewing them and bringing them up to date, really does make a difference.

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