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Frosted Window Vinyls

Posted by James Slater  on 13th October 2016

After already worked with Sands Wealth Management in the past we discussed further things what they’d like to do in their offices and decided on using an etched vinyl.

Frosted Vinyl is used for lots of different things, mainly used to create privacy or block partial light. At Sands Wealth Management we used frosted vinyl to separate offices without losing any light. We design and cut into the vinyl taking out the negative to give an outline of the company’s logo which we think has a really good quality and classy look to the offices. Here at Bobby Dazzler Signs in Huddersfield, we measured, designed, manufactured and fitted the work carried out and are¬†proud of the outcome. Check out some of the photographs¬†in the slider below of the work. For more examples of work we do check out our Facebook page ( Bobby Dazzler Signs Ltd.) and twitter page (@bobbydsigns).

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